One of many sculptures along Broadway a short walk from the Kissimmee Station location.  An office building adjacent to the Amtrak Station.  Kissimmee Amtrak Station with City Center Development in the background.  Kissimmee Amtrak Station.  The rear door to Makinson Hardware whch faces Pleasant Street and the Amtrak Station.  City Center Development  More of City Center Development  The front of Makinson Hardware on Broadway  Shops and shoppers on Broadway  City Centre Development from Broadway  Restaurant at Broadway and Monument in the historic Rivers Building  Broadway storefront  Looking north on Broadway with sculpture in foreground  Broadway, Kissimmee  Mural on Makinson Hardware Building  Flag on top of the Monument of States which was begun in 1942 and is built with rocks from 48 states  Amtrak train stopped at the Kissimmee Station  High Schoolers supporting recycling crossing Broadway  The Kissimmee Amtrak Station viewed from the south