Looking north on Robinhood Drive which is located west of the CSX tracks.  Office building going up on 17-92 in front of the station location.  Kappy's Subs at 17-92 and Sybelia south of the station.  Parker Lumber Compnay immediately north of the station.  Automobile dealer across 17-92 from the station.  Office park and residential community across from and north of the station location.  Pedestrian bridge across 17-92 north of the station adjacent to Maitland Boulevard.  Looking south from the pedestrian bridge.  The station will be on the right.  View looking south on 17-92.  Business on 17-92 north of the station location.  The Parker Lunber front counter.  Customer and sales clerk at Parker Lumber.  At Parker Lumber they still sell nails by the pound.  Countless orders have passed over this desk at Parker Lumber.  Parker Lumber yard.  The Station location with CSX freight going by.  No lumber yard would be complete without a resident cat.  View from Amtrak train crossing 17-92 rail bridge looking north.  Commuter Rail station location viewed from Amtrak train.