Attraction north of the station location on Poinciana Blvd.  Looking east on South Rail Avenue which will be the northern boundry of the station.  Looking south on Poinciana Blvd from the CSX tracks  Looking north on Poinciana Blvd.  The station will be on the right.  Looking east along CSX tracks with the station location on the left.  Looking north on dirt road through station property  Quite a bit of trash has been dumped on the station property.  A quiet place away from it all.  Lots of variety in the trash left on the site.  Old asphalt parking lot on the site.  Household trash as well.  Looking west from station location.  The building in the distance is the Pepsico plant.  Wildflowers on the site.  Looking west along CSX tracks with Poinciana Blvd in the distance.  The station will be on the right.  Looking south across the tracks from the station location.  A new Home Depot is in the distance.  The Home Depot and available commerical property from Poinciana Blvd.  The Pepsico plant across Poinciana Blvd to the west from the site.  A sign which has obviously been ignored.  Commercial food distribution center on Poinciana south of Hwy 17-92  Convenience store on the northeast corner of Poinciana Blvd and Hwy 17-92.  Poinciana welcome sign on Poinciana Blvd at Hwy 17-92.