Central Florida Commuter Rail

What's There Now - A Look At Planned Station Locations

Additional Stuff and Information

Transit Oriented Development (TOD).  Click on this link for more information.

Aerials:  All aerials are courtesy of Google Earth and are adjusted so the eye is at approximately 1 km altitude.  This results in an image area approximately 1 km x 1.2 km.

Maps:  All maps are courtesy of Google maps and  cover an area approximately 33% more than the aerial.

Development Plans:  Development Plans are those published on the Central Florida Commuter Rail or SunRail website and every effort was used to include the most current plan available.  These plans are subject to change frequently due to many factors, so for current information please consult with the FDOT and the communities involved.

Acknowledgements:  Thanks to my family for putting up with the time I've spent on this project; to the staff and my fellow students at Crealde School of Art in Winter Park for their expertise and guidance; to Kelley Teague at MetroPlan Orlando for answering my numerous questions and keeping everyone up-to-date on the legislative status of Commuter Rail; and to Marianne Gurnee at FDOT for her assistance with materials.

Additional Photo Gallery Links

 Many of the photos made during the course of this project did not fit neatly  with a particular stations.  Presented below are additional collections of images taken while on the many photo shoots made during the project.  All are in the immediate vicinity of the station locations or the track unless noted otherwise.

Amtrak ride from DeLand to Kissimmee and back (coming)

Amtrak train at Orlando Station (coming)