Central Florida Commuter Rail

What's There Now - A Look At Planned Station Locations

Altamonte Springs

Busy Highway SR 436 or E Altamonte Drive crosses the CSX rail line just to the east of CR 27 or Ronald Reagan Boulevard.  The Altamonte Springs Station is to be located on the north side of Semoran between Ronald Reagan Boulevard and the tracks.

The station location contained some retail, office and light industrial uses, some of which have already been demolished in preparation for the station construction.

Areas to the east, south and west of the station location along SR 436 have been extensively developed, mostly with retail.  There are several redevelopment opportunities for transit oriented development along 436 and north along Ronald Reagan Blvd.

To the north of the station and east of Ronald Reagan is an older, primarily African-American residential community.  Over time there may be economic and political pressure from developers and the community to use some of these properties for transit oriented development.  It remains to be seen if and how this community will yield to or resist redevelopment.