Central Florida Commuter Rail

What's There Now - A Look At Planned Station Locations

Kissimmee Station

Although the Kissimmee Station is not scheduled to open until Phase II in 2013, it is today probably the best prepared location.  There is an existing, active Amtrak Station.  Downtown Kissimmee, Broadway with its many shops and restaurants, parks, and many other features and amenities are all a short walk from the station.   New development of high rise condominiums, offices and retail is taking place close by the station.  It's transit oriented development taking place ahead of the transit.

The key is that the station will be located within the downtown development area of Kissimmee.  Community planners have created an environment where local merchants and new development flourish side-by-side creating a vibrant and attractive downtown area.

Plans for the Kissimmee Station locate it southwest of the existing Amtrak Station adjacent to the new City Center Development with parking to the southwest of that between the tracks and Pleasant Street.

In addition to providing Kissimmee residents a quick, convenient and economical way to travel north to Orlando and beyond, Kissimmee itself will become a destination for Central Floridians to the north to come down for a quick visit.