Central Florida Commuter Rail

What's There Now - A Look At Planned Station Locations

Meadow Woods Station

Meadow Woods Station is planned for Phase II and will not open until 2013.  The property where the station will be constructed is presently vacant, with only low shrub growth and no large trees.  The station location is east of Orange Avenue and south of Fairway Woods Blvd. and west of the CSX tracks.  It's not completely clear whether a retention pond presently at the south end of the planned parking lot will have to be relocated.

There is a residential community just north and east of the station location which has attractive middle class homes in good condition.  A small shopping center and convenience store are located east of the tracks on Fairway Woods Blvd.  The property on the west side of Orange Avenue is undeveloped.  There are housing developments west and south of the area, and industrial uses north on Orange as the area southwest of the airport is reached.

Only a few residences and fewer businesses will be within walking distance of the station.  Most of the commuters will have to use automobile or bus to get to and from the station.

Cypress Creek High School is located within walking distance to the south on Orange Avenue.

Indications are that transit oriented development may be slower in coming to this area than many of the other stations because it is part of Phase II, but also due to the current lack of development activity and the predominance of single family homes.