Central Florida Commuter Rail

What's There Now - A Look At Planned Station Locations

Longwood Station

The Longwood Station will be located on the east side of the CSX tracks north of Church Street.  Ronald Reagan Boulevard is one block west of the station location, and Historic Longwood is just west of Ronald Reagan Boulevard.  This puts many of Longwood's municipal offices, shopping and professional offices within a short walking distance from the station.

The property that is planned for station use is presently used for vehicle storage and municipal uses.  There are plans for Transit Oriented Development on the properties immediately east of the station location.  Much of the property is already purchased or under contract.

There are office, retail and service businesses north and south of Church Street on Ronald Reagan Boulevard.  Four blocks south is State Road 434, a major east-west artery.

To the east of the station location are middle class residential homes.  Church Street goes east to 17-92 providing a direct route for commuters  to access the station from the east.

With this station location, The City of Longwood is in a position to take maximum advantage of the advent of Commuter Rail.